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Welcome to Motorelectronics

MPROF-Consulting is an electronic, service and consultancy business. We are skilled technicians with 20 years industry experience at the highest level.

We are qualified to test and repair electronics regardless of whether it sits in a car, radar, TV, radio etc. Info: www.mprof-consulting.com.

Motorelectronics is a MPROF-Consulting product aimed at automobile electronics “after market service”.

We “rescue” electronic modules which are found in cars, tractors, lorries, motorbikes etc.

ABS/Pump Aggregator and ECU/Control box, service/repair for garages/dealers.

We have for the last 5 years repaired ABS/Pump Aggregators and ECU/Control boxes for authorised/unauthorised workplaces in most of Denmark. Focus is to give the customers a competent and pleasant experience – the most important thing is a satisfied customer.

Car Software service on the spot for garages/dealers. We can re-establish/repair the car’s software. We have the possibility for in depth investigation/programming of the ECU/PCM control boxes. Our equipment can programme/change on the level after the car diagnosis test is equipped. See more under: Software service.

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